Social Security

Social Security’s retirement benefits

last as long as you live and increase with the cost of living. These benefits, including Medicare, provide a foundation on which to build a financially secure retirement. Savings and pensions are the other two legs of the stool for your retirement plan.

A secure, comfortable retirement is every worker’s dream, especially now that we’re living longer, healthier lives, we can expect to spend more time in retirement than our parents and grandparents did. Achieving the dream of a secure, comfortable retirement is much easier when you plan your finances.
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Social Security - Understanding the Benefits
Social Security – Understanding the Benefits # 10024 – 25 pages

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Social Security also provides a lump-sum death payment of $255. Your spouse and young children can receive benefits equal to a $354,000 life insurance policy.

Social Security’s disability program for an average family is equivalent to a private disability insurance policy worth over $233,000.

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Benefit Calculators

Get your Personal Statement, Records and Retirement Estimate ONLINE


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