My wife just was informed that she will be on permanent disability from CalStrs. She has Young Onset Parkinson’s.

***We’re sorry to hear that. We wish the best for her.

She is 54 years old. Her payments will start on Sept 15th.

Is she eligible for Medicare?

She worked for close to 10 years in something outside of teaching so she must have close to the 40 quarters and also she paid into Medicare in each of her checks as a teacher.

***This is all quite complex… Here’s the page on Social Security’s website about how many quarters you actually need. Check our webpage on Social Security Disability and we’ve linked to attorney’s that can help you sort through this confusion. Please also visit your local CalSTRS office. Here’s their office locator.

If you are not getting employer paid medical coverage and want to check out the individual & family market, including ObamaCare Subsidies, click here.

Try this Medicare eligibility calculator.

It is difficult to figure all this out. We have heard that she will be eligible for Medicare after two years of being “officially disabled.” We have heard that she would be eligible for Medicare if she was eligible for Social Security disability.

***Yes, that is correct, if one qualifies for Social Security Disability.

Social Security Disability Benefits Publication # 10029

Our Webpage on Social Security Disability – I don’t see that you have anything to lose by applying. If you do get benefits, they would offset what you are getting from STRS per page 7 of the STRS manual.

The Question in your situation, is can she get both Medicare and CalSTRS disability?

***Appears to be yes, as there is an offset – reduction see citation above. What medical coverage does she have now?

She went on Medical leave on Feb 1st.

We want to stick with the CalStrs disability payments since they are larger.

***That’s fine, it’s just an offset.

James M

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